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El-No: The Eye of The Tiger

Grab the kiddies and take cover inside! A Louis Vuitton carrying tiger has escaped from the zoo!!

Oh wait.

False alarm. It is just a lady wearing a tiger themed outfit.

Is anyone else having Siegfried and Roy flashbacks?

In Prehistoric times, humans wore clothing made from linen (fabric spun from the flax plant) and animal skins. While there are not many intact examples of apparel from this period, archaeologists have uncovered bone needles and tools.

After studying a variety of ancient cultures and their tools, scientists and historians agree that the primary reason people wear clothing is for decoration (not protection from the elements). Animal print embellishment is in our DNA.

So embrace our human history and bring a little animal print into your life. But before you go all Wild Kingdom like Miss El-No, let’s discuss the rules.

Animal print is a fabulous addition to any wardrobe or home but should only be used in small doses. Too much animal print and you end up looking like Snooki and JWoww when they are all up in the Miami clubs.

  • Don’t mix patterns together in one outfit, just pick one print (I’m a fan of zebra)
  • Only wear ONE animal print piece per outfit
  • Incorporate animal print with neutral pieces
  • Look for classic cuts and shapes

Check out some of my favorite animal print pieces. These are a purr-fect way to incorporate your love for Big Cats.

You’ve Been Spotted Leopard Coat from Modcloth for $69.99

La Via 18 Animal Print Dress from Saks for $498

Manolo Blahnik Tere Zebra Ballet Flats from Nordstrom for $595

Michael Michael Kors Berkeley Printed Clutch from Net-A-Porter for $350

Leopard Belt from J.Crew for $60

Leopard Print Skirt from BCBG for $158


*Thanks for the photo GA!

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