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El-No: Josephine and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

Holy color wheel explosion!

I saw Miss EL-No while I was walking the dogs through our neighborhood. Like a vibrant rainbow, she was a bright sport on a cool day. I’m wondering where she keeps the pot of gold?

Green. Red. Orange. Yellow. It’s never good to look like an arts and crafts project gone awry. While color blocking is fun, this is just a multihued disaster. She used way too many colors. Just stick with two hues and balance using neutrals.

Embrace the rainbow with this red seamed and pleated dress from Zara. Pair this dazzling dress with Lanvin patent leather navy pumps and this Furla tote in blue. Or get zippy by incorporating a blue toned pink (that’s right, live on the edge ladies!). I love these magenta Karolina shoes from Kate Spade and this magenta Marc by Marc Jacobs purse.


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