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El-No: A Tree Grows In Brooklyn

I recycle. I bring reusable bags to the grocery store. I even attempt to garden every Spring (which never works).

See? I like the earth.

But this foliage frock goes a little far. I think this New Yorker has seen one too many Monty Python skits…. Dude, there is no need to wear shrubbery.

Flaunt your flora lust in a more practical way.  Check out Boll Organic shirts. These eco-friendly button downs are made of organic cotton and do not contribute any chemical residue to the environment.

Go sustainable with pesticide free Sling & Stones denim. You can feel good about their fair labor practices and the company’s financial contributions to charities in Peru, Japan, and India (the countries from which the materials are sourced).

You can be environmentally friendly and fashionable. Green design for the win!


*Thanks for the photo ECH