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El-No: Really Bad Highland Plaid

I had the luxury of wearing uniforms when I was a kid.

My elementary school world consisted of red plaid kilts and jumpers as well as some glorious peter pan collar white blouses. This made dressing for school very easy- I was thus able to focus all of my attention on important things like playground gossip.

As a result, I file plaid under the "love it" and "nostalgia" categories in my wardrobe. 

So with tartan lust flowing through my veins, it hurts me to see this explosion of mismatched bad plaid. William Wallace would roll over in his grave if he saw this (he might also call for some sort of bloody Scottish attack. We've seen what Mel Gibson can do when he is mad. Yikes!). 

What in the heck was Mr Braveheart thinking here? Why is he pairing two unrelated tartans together? He is either representing two ancient Gaelic clans or he just has bad taste. 

Tartan is made with alternating stripes of threads woven at right angles to each other. This forms sections where different colors cross, which give the appearance of additional colors. The resulting pattern repeats and creates squares called setts. 

Unless you are channelling McQueen's Highland Rape, I think it is best to pair plaid with a solid color. If you are going to attempt to mix your plaids, you should either stick with the the same plaid in different colors or the same color with a mix of plaids. Having one common element will keep you from looking like you went plaid mad.