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El-Yes: Nights In White Satin

No, I am not listening to the Moody Blues. Chicago in White is coming in a few weeks and I have nothing to wear!

I love a good party (I should buy stock in Casapri Inc as I have probably kept them afloat with my addiction to cocktail napkins). Anyway, on Saturday, August 25th, the ultimate dinner party will be occurring. 

Chicago in White is a foodie flash mob that will be attended this year by over 2,000 guests in a surprise location. Each diner will the packing their picnic supplies and heading to the destination in head to toe white ensembles. A totally chic way to say farewell to summer. 

So back to my closet... What the heck am I going to wear? 

I rounded up my favorite white dresses and accessories on Rent the Runway. These designer duds are all available for the weekend of the white dinner. So, better hop to it ladies!

*** Readers, if you want to purchase a ticket to this amazing event, click on this link. ***


Chicago In White 2012: Get the Look!






El-Yes: The White Album

My white Jack Rogers sandals had one last fling before Labor Day weekend. We (my shoes and I) celebrated en Blanc on Saturday night at Daley Plaza.

Over 1,000 people gathered for a surprise pop up picnic on the Plaza. We carried in tables, chairs, china, centerpieces, and multi course meals. Of course the Picasso sculpture played a central role as a makeshift jungle gym/ photo prop.

Chicago’s inaugural Diner en Blanc was based on the French flash mob dinner with the same name. This Parisian picnic boasts 10,000 diners and years of tradition.

Street style photographer Emma from Tres Awesome stumbled on the scene and was able to capture some photographs of the many stylish dinner guests. Thankfully, my white sandals were featured in a photograph. I’m just glad that they had their fifteen minutes of fame, since they are about to be retired until next summer.

Packing away your summer whites is a tradition that became popular in the more formal Southern portion of the United States. In the mid-twentieth century, bright white was viewed as a high status color that was associated with vacationing elite. Today, we follow this wardrobe ritual as a way to mark the transition into Fall.

So, I will be basking in summer’s final days this week (as will my shoes). 



El-Buy: Diner en Blanc

The first Chicago Diner en Blanc is over a month away. Needless to say, I am excited for the pop up picnic and even more excited to wear a fabulous white dress.

The all white dining flash mob started out in Paris. A Frenchman named Francois Pasquier, invited a group of friends for a picnic in the park. He asked all of his dining companions to wear white so that they would easily find each other. They had such a great time that they decided to do it the following year- each attendant brought friends and the Diner En Blanc was born.

Looks like mama needs a new white dress and a copy of the Thomas Keller cookbook (for the fried chicken recipe obvi). Here are some of my favorites:

Diner en Blanc

Lilly Pulitzer pink dress
$368 -

Lilly Pulitzer eyelet dress
$268 -

Woven Picnic Basket
$50 -


El-No: Climate Change Clothing

Ok weather, I’m getting sick of your tricks. I just need you to pick a season and go with it. This is more confusing than Justin Bieber creating an OPI nail polish line. Should I dress for Fall or Summer?

It is supposed to be 78 degrees in Chicago today. I am having a hard time understanding how I am going to wear my fabulous riding boots or yummy cashmere sweaters. But chances are that I will be singing a different tune by February, so I’ll just pipe down.

Miss El-No was hanging out on a curb near the Damen/ North/ and Milwaukee intersection. Judging by the white pants, I’d say that she is also a little confused on what to wear during this weather. Here’s a tip: high-waisted white pants are rarely the right answer.  While the Hawaii Five O shirt is adorable, it doesn’t really work in October (no matter how warm it actually is in this city).

I’d switch up this outfit to work better for our faux Fall. Instead of the white pants and white Keds, check out these slate colored slacks from the Gap and these classic Chuck Taylor All-Stars from Piperlime. Replace the pink tank and Hawaiian shirt with J.Crew’s stripe sequin boatneck tee. This sassy yet traditional thin t-shirt comes in pumice or black.

* Thanks for the photo AG!


El-No: White Not To Wear

The American holiday “Labor Day” was first celebrated in the early 1880s by the labor unions of New York. The purpose of this National holiday is to commemorate the achievements of American workers and unions. This “workingmen’s holiday” is meant to be observed with picnics, parades, and a well-deserved break from work.

But as David Letterman so astutely mentioned recently, the current economy makes this holiday almost humorous. “Labor Day, of course, is the one day a year we honor our workforce. Do we still have a workforce?”


Oh wait… that stinks.

Instead of focusing on our American labor force, let’s examine the more contemporary twist on this holiday. Labor Day is the official last day of summer. With beaches closing and the school year starting, some fashion questions naturally arise. This is the weekend to pack away all of your summer finery: linen and seersucker need to hit the road. But what about the color white?

Not wearing white after Labor Day is a traditional rule that became popular in the more formal Southern states. Bright white clothing has always signified a high social status (not everyone can afford “Tide To Go” pens) and in the mid-twentieth century it became aligned with the vacationing elite. When the wealthy returned from the vacations they packed away their white beach clothes and transitioned into their formal fall attire. So this rule is really just symbolic. In a Time Magazine article about this issue, fashion historian and curator Valerie Steele notes “very rarely is there actually a functional reason for a fashion rule.”

So does this meaningless rule still apply? Well yes (sort of).

You should pack away all of your summer lightweight fabric pastels and whites. Cotton pants be gone!! Specifically pack up the white shoes and purses and all of the lightweight skirts, capris, pants, shorts, and dresses. All of your Lilly Pulitzer summer brights should also leave the clothing rotation.

But never fear! Heavyweight off-white and cream fabric can still be worked into your Fall wardrobe. White and cream denim, twill, and wool are great modern wardrobe basics. They will look crisp when paired with black or camel. 

Some of my favorite cream colored Fall pieces are:

St. John Collection Double Face Ruffle Coat for $1,095: Cream Colored Coat Lust

DVF Mirabel Dress in Stone for $345: Fabulous with a tall boot and a long sweater!

3.1 Phillip Lim Embellished Silk Top for $895: I heart this top

*Don't forget today is the LAST day to  enter the Fall Fashion $1000 contest. It takes just a moment and is such fun!