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El-No: I’ll Take A Rain Check

Comin’ atcha straight from the Land of Oz, today I’m writing about boots (rain boots to be exact).

We’ve had insane weather this week in Chicago. Wind, rain, and grey clouds have dotted the skies. I’m waiting for the rest of the seven plagues to arrive- Bring on the frogs!

So it was no surprise that I saw a million people in rain boots this week. From my observations, it appears that some Chicagoans have forgotten the rules to wearing Wellies.

Miss El-No is a prime example.

Resplendent in orange rubber boots, she was having a long phone conversation in the hallway. As I approached, I zoned in on the outfit. She was sporting matte black leggings with large slashes up the front (maybe her pants were ripped due to all of the wind?), a wet look synthetic top, and green flowers in her hair.

What the El happened here? Her ensemble seemed like a rocker meets English gardening Grannie. Perhaps some sort of cyclone induced schizophrenia?

Make no mistake, rain boots need to work with your outfit (just like regular shoes). Brightly colored or patterned boots are a great way to make the yucky weather a bit more palatable. But please pair them with simple neutrals so that they can shine.

Miss El-No should have opted for an edgy rain boot to go with her ensemble. These studded Limited Edition Festival Hunter Wellies would have been a much better fit for her aesthetic. And her shiny top would have worked well with these glossy neoprene Regent Hunter Wellies.